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Mineral processing equipment
Shandong Xinhai Mining Equipment Shandong Xinhai Mining Equipment Shandong Xinhai Mining Equipment Shandong Xinhai Mining Equipment Shandong Xinhai Mining Equipment
Shandong Xinhai Mining Equipment
  • Mineral Processing EPC

  • XinHai is the first Chinese to conduct mine EPC turnkey business, he has provided dressing hand-key solutions tailored to more than 500 mines.

Shandong Xinhai Mining Equipment
  • Mining Equipment

  • Providing customers with crushing, screening, grinding, classification, flotation, re-election, magnetic separation, dense and other 70 kinds of mineral processing equipment.

Shandong Xinhai Mining Equipment
  • Testing of benefit

  • As a total package pioneers EPC, Xinhai also free to mine experiments to ensure that its mine of useful minerals in a clean sweep, so you can get the maximum benefits.

Shandong Xinhai Mining Equipment
  • Wear rubber

  • XinHai is the only manufacturer in China of wet natural rubber, natural rubber content of 95%, through the National Technical Committee on Science and Technology "Xinhai wear wet natural rubber production and industrialization of key technologies," ...

Shandong Xinhai Mining Equipment
  • Mining Investment

  • As an expert in high-level mining, Xinhai Mining Group is not only to provide complete solutions, but also have the potential investment and operation of the mine, according to the gold mine that exists in Gansu Province, Yantai Yi Tao mining and many other success stories.

Shandong Xinhai Mining Equipment
  • Discharge of dry tailings

  • XinHai specializes in tailings and tailings operations include: dry tailings discharge, water recycling, transport of solid waste tailings, accumulation and processing, tailings management, maintenance and closure of libraries, etc .

Recently usRecently us

  • Xinhai attends the 2015 exhibition of mining industry

  • Xinhai asistirá a las exposiciones AIMEX 2015, Brands of China African Showcase 2015, MiningWorld Central Asia 2015, PERUMIN 32 – Mining Convention, the 118th Session of China Import and Export Fair, etc.Esperamos verle en estas exposiciones.  Details > >

  • Tanzanian President meets with the President of Xinhai

  • The April 11, 2014, President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete of Tanzania met with President Zhang Yunlong Xinhai. In the interview, Mr. Zhang Yunlong detallamente presented him tactical development in the minerals market Tanzani.  Details > >

  • Xinhai will participate in the exhibition in Russia and Chile

  • The first International Mining Exhibition of Russia was held in Moscow in 2014 will 1995.La celeb in Crocus Moscow from 9 to 11 April. The International Exhibition of Mining Chile is the most important in Latin America that will performed.  Details > >

  • Antiabrasive only wet rubber in China

  • Xinhai Wear-Resistant Rubber ha desarrollado con éxito “receta de nano líquido,solidificación de alta frecuencia a temperatura ambiente”, una tecnología de producción húmeda de goma que garantiza un contenido de 97% de caucho natural. Los indicadores de  Details > >