Welcome Traveller! Have you ever wondered what mysteries lie beneath the oceans surface? Or what all those amazing sea creatures get up to in their spare time? Well scroll down, and you might just find out...

Oceans Aware presents : The Shark Lab, Aquarium and Research Facility in Mossel Bay, South Africa

Welcome to The Shark Lab, Mossel Bay

Located in Mossel Bay on the beautiful Garden Route in South Africa, The Shark Lab is your chance to get close to some of the world's most amazing Sealife, with 50% of the profits going directly to support the research and education efforts of Oceans.

Shark Camp 2013
Shark Camp 2013

About the Shark Lab

The Shark Lab is operated by Oceans Aware, an organization dedicated to the exploration, discovery, understanding and conservation of marine life in Africa!

The Shark Lab is designed to be an intimate aquarium, where guests are welcomed and given personal tours through the facilities tanks, research experiments and educational work.

About The Shark Lab...

Nico, Shark Lab Guide

Visit the Sharks

Did you know, that by coming to visit the Shark Lab, you are contributing to the conservation and research of Sharks in South Africa?

It's true! By coming to visit all our funky sharks, you are bound to leave as an environmental ambassador for these endangered species. As an ocean ambassador you have the power to make a difference to the future of Africas oceans.

Meet the Sharks..

Cool Chris at The Shark Lab

Photos of The Shark Lab

So you'd like to get a better idea of what The Shark Lab looks like before paying us a visit? You ask, and we deliver!

But be careful, when you take a look through our photograph gallery, like us, you will fall for our sharky guests and want to take them home! From Karma the queen of the aquarium, to Beautiful Princess Fiona, the sharks of the Shark Lab are without doubt some of the coolest around! Whoever said, sharks weren't cute and cuddly?

View the Photo Gallery...

The Shark Lab Visitor

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